Creating a focal point for harmony, visual interest, and personal expression.

June 20, 2023

Creating a focal point for harmony, visual interest, and personal expression.

Creating an inviting and well-balanced space is an art. One secret to achieving this is by ensuring that every room has a focal point or an area that draws the eye in. In this post, we'll explore why having a focal point is essential and provide some quick tips on creating your own.

Importance of a Focal Point in Interior Design

Harmony and Unity

A focal point creates cohesion among different elements in a room. By directing attention to a striking piece of art, a beautiful piece of furniture, or an interesting architectural feature, it helps to bind the room together. The result is a harmonious space where each element complements the other.

Guides the Eye

Having a focal point is like providing a visual roadmap. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the focal point, leading us through the space. This makes the room more engaging and pleasant to be in. It encourages exploration while giving a sense of order and purpose.

Organizes the Space

Establishing a focal point sets the hierarchy in the room. It's a key step in organizing and distributing other elements around it. This ensures that the space doesn’t feel cluttered or disjointed, but rather flows naturally and has a sense of purpose.

Express Yourself

Your focal point can be an expression of your personality or passions. Whether it’s a collection of photos, a cherished heirloom, or a unique piece of artwork, this spot is your stage to tell your story and make the room truly yours.

Quick Tips for Creating a Focal Point

Utilizing Bold Colors

Bold colors and contrasts draw attention. Choose a color that stands out but also complements the rest of the room. This helps in highlighting the focal point while maintaining harmony.

Playing with Scale and Proportion

Ensure your focal point is proportionate to the space. A large painting in a small room can overwhelm, while a small ornament in a large space may go unnoticed. Balance is key.

Highlighting with Lighting

Lighting is an excellent way to emphasize your focal point. Spotlights, for example, can be used to draw attention to artwork or an architectural feature.

Experimenting with Texture and Pattern

Incorporate different textures or patterns to make the focal point stand out. This can create depth and add an extra layer of visual interest to the space.

Embracing Symmetry

Arrange surrounding items symmetrically to frame and accentuate the focal point. This creates a sense of balance and draws the eye to the center of the arrangement.


Remember, a focal point doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Sometimes the simplest element can make the biggest impact. Start with these tips and experiment with what works best for your space. Happy decorating!

❤ Kiersten

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